A new technology in Sunscreen products - Optimascreen™ is made up of polyester coated with PVC, offering more than 50% indoor energy saving and also antibacterial effect against mold and virus. This new innovation in window coverings is safe for usage indoors. One will also be able to enjoy a good view of the outdoors whilst staying protected from the harmful solar heat.

Features & Benefits

Safe to Human Body

  • Passed EU EN713-3 in Endocrine distruptor
  • Safe to infants

Fire Retardant

  • Passed NFPA 701-89 small scale testing (US) & Korea
  • Fire Equipment Inspection Corp 06-03 (KFI)
  • Suitable for high rise buildings and public spaces

Passed Smoke Density Test

  • Low smoke emission ensures occupants safe escape during fire disaster
  • Passed the most crucial standard for human safety - ISO 5659-2 (less 200)

Prevent from Discoloration

  • High quality material that prevents fabric to turn yellowish or reddish from long term exposure to solar heat or ultra violet rays

Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving

  • Significant savings in air conditioning energy and cost
  • Improves overall thermal comfort

Visual comfort

  • Effective in reducing glare and reflection
  • Diffuses light naturally into rooms through the fabric weaves

Long lasting antibacterial effect

  • Verified by Huntingdon Life Science
  • Passed acute toxic test, skin response test, bacterial reverse mutation test and antibacterial test against mold and virus

Environmental Friendly

  • Passed Oekotex Standard 100
  • Free from heavy metal hazardous substance

Toxic Substance Free

  • Free of Lead (PBB and PBDE)
  • Does not contain Formaldehyde (a form of toxic additive)


  • Low Volat from unpleasant smell
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) makes Optimascreen free
Privacy & Light Control
Semi-sheer, with view through
Solar Heat Control
Ultraviolet Protection
Product Variation
1%, 3%, 5% openness factor. Basket and Sergé weave
12" - 119"
24" – 158"